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Digital Aerial and Satellite in Mawdsley

Do you have poor TV reception? We can provide and install the latest digital equipment using the best quality products. We can install digital aerials wherever the best location is, i.e chimney mounted, side of house, or discreet in the loft. From there we can distribute the signals to any room. We can combine your Sky TV to the aerial system so you can watch and control Sky in any room with Magic eyes.
dig aerial and sat

CCTV Systems in Mawdsley

We can supply and install the very best in surveillance via CCTV. Our DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) record on a HDD continuously for up to 30days, so there is no video tapes or maintenance required. All our cameras are day and night and have varifocal lenses for wide angled viewing or a zoomed in view. Our systems can be uploaded to the internet and viewed anywhere in the world via a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Combined with our Alarm systems you can easily keep any eye out on your premises.

Alarm Systems in Mawdsley

Wired or Wireless? We pride ourselves on being neat and tidy and like to leave no cables on view, so what better way to secure your property with our professional wireless Alarm systems. They only take around 4 hours to install and only the main unit and bell box require power. The detectors use lithium batteries and can last up to 4 years. You can save money by monitoring the alarm yourself, the panels will send you a message via the phone-line or mobile Sim card in the case of an incident and can alas be set via text message. Other functions include lighting control.
alarm system

Home Cinema and Sound Zones in Mawdsley

We can design bespoke home cinema systems to suit all budgets. Please see our images in the gallery. We can set up different sound zones around the house to be controlled via iPhone/Android Smartphones and iPads/Tablets.
Home cinema

Freesat Installation in Mawdsley

Freesat is Digital TV that is broadcast by satellite from Astra 28.2 degrees and is an alternative to Sky without paying a subscription fee. It is also a good alternative to Freeview if you suffer signal problems with digital terrestrial TV. Prices Start from £75 including installation.

Sky TV Installation in Mawdsley

QualiTV are accredited Sky installers and can install, service and repair Sky systems. Do you need extra cables installing for multi-room or your Sky dish realigned?  Contact us for a fast and friendly service.

European Satellite Specialists in Mawdsley

QualiTV specialise in the installation of European satellite systems. Our systems include TV from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Arab countries. The Satellite receivers we use include Technomate, Spiderbox, Dreambox, Manhatten, Humax etc. We are experienced in the installation of Diseqc Motors to the satellite dish on these systems. Which once installed correctly allows the customer to access the above countries Free to Air or paid TV subscriptions. A motorized satellite dish installation requires expertise and we have hundreds of satisfied customers.
european sat

Pub Football Satellite in Mawdsley

QualiTV can provide pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels with Satellite TV from European countries to receieve English Premiership Football live. Most of our systems cover more football than Sky currently show, they include Viasat, Sky Italia, Bulsat, Sky Germany and Polsat. Not only will we provide the satellite dish and receiver, we will also modulate the picture and sound in to your current distribution system so you can watch Football on every TV. Prices start from £895 installed. Add two or three different systems together and you can watch multiple matches at the same time. Pubs have seen lots of success from using these systems. Prices start from £1,695 installed. The quality of viewing can be increased by installing a HDMI matrix switching system in to the pub. Meaning each TV will receive the best picture possible in High Definition. A HD installation starts from £495. What better way to look after your equipment than by installing a 19" rack with lockable doors, not only will your equipment be secure but it will hide any unsightly cables and boxes.

Flat Screen Wall Mounted TV Installation in Mawdsley

Bought a new TV or fancy changing around the layout of your living room? QualiTV can provide and install TV brackets as well as all the necessary cables to get the best of your Flatscreen High definition TV. Depending on the wall it's being installed to we can hide cables using various techniques without the need to re-decorate.
flatscreen install

Commercial Installations in Mawdsley

Sky IRS (Integrated Reception System) is a cost-effective way to distribute digital TV to lots of homes at once. It is highly flexible, comes with maintenance options, and can be adapted to blocks of many different types and sizes. An IRS gives people living in flats access to digital terrestrial TV, digital satellite TV and FM and DAB radio – giving them all the benefits of digital reception (including the option of subscribing to Sky) without having to put up their own mini-dishes, it offers access to exciting innovations like Sky+ HD. IRS gives viewers freedom to choose between providers like Sky, Freesat and Freeview. It is also highly adaptable, and can be upgraded with features such as Sky Multi-room and CCTV.
sky irs

Cat5e/6 Networking in Mawdsley

Data cabling is the best way for information to be sent reliably. We can install server racks, patch panels and sockets around your business or home. Builders and developers: Call us at around the same time as electricians before plastering work starts. We can design the latest systems ensuring your customers get a future proof home.